Finding Purpose

I don't know about you, but finding my ‘purpose in life’ took longer than I expected. I remember being in my teens and early twenties and believing that I had something ‘special’ to do in life. While I wasn’t sure what it was, I had this sense that it was worthwhile – perhaps you had a similar feeling.

Back then my passion and enthusiasm was ‘zestful’ – yes, super high energy – and took me in many different directions.

Looking back, I was the proverbial bumble bee with loads of ideas, which for family and friends must have been like watching a comet spinning out of orbit. And like comets, my big ideas often landed with an explosion or fizzled out. I can see now that there was a reason for that – they didn’t connect to what I truly believed or valued – they were ‘good ideas’ but without a sustainable passion for following them through.

Are Problems Really Wake-up Calls?

What I’m amazed at now is how long it can take ‘to find purpose’ because along the way life has lessons to teach about humility and steadiness – well that’s the way I view them because none of us know what’s in store for us or how we’ll respond when problems land in our laps – as they inevitably do. Although, nowadays I see ‘problems’ more as ‘wake-up’ calls.

And if you’ve ever had ‘a wake-up call’ you’ll have noticed how easy others find it to give ‘well-intentioned advice’. At times, this ‘advice’ is well-received and well-heeded, but more often than not it’s given by those unable to hold the space you’re in and experience what’s happening alongside you.

I know these times well, they can feel like you’re facing a darkened doorway that leads to oblivion. And in this space, well-intentioned ‘advice’ just doesn’t cut it. And that’s because ‘advice’ rarely solves the problem. It took me a lifetime to realise that it was about finding my own answers that were right for me and choosing a compassionate and wise ‘guide’ to help me do this.

The Presence Of Modern Day 'Guides'

A ‘guide’ in modern day terms can be a coach, counsellor, therapist, psychologist, friend or family member. The essential criteria being someone who listens, and has the skills to see patterns and themes playing out in people’s lives in such a way that meaningful change can occur.

I’m thankful that I’ve had wonderful guides in my life, and often they came in different guises: Roberta, a woman with whom I once worked whose wisdom still sustains me; Alice, a warm-hearted soul who helped me care for my son and keep me grounded; and Anna, a woman whose Italian cooking and sage presence helped keep the home fires burning.

Having a guide can make the journey less troubled as you’re not walking alone. And it was in meeting many wise guides during my life that led me to pursuing the work I now do.

As I pause at this point and look at where this journey has led, what I’m most proud of is founding the School of Modern Psychology – it truly has been a turning point because the work being done here has helped ‘guide’ so many people’s lives. For that I am truly humbled and appreciative, especially of the emails I receive describing the change in mindset and heart space that many embrace as a result of the programs being run here.

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Are You Feeling 'Disconnected', Or At Peace With Yourself?

So my question to you is, have you found your purpose – one that brings you a sense of passion that gets you waking with enthusiasm for what’s ahead in your day, or are you waking more with a sense of repetition – the old ‘Ground Hog Day’ syndrome and feeling disconnected from anything that really matters?

If you’re feeling disconnected, please know that for many thousands, if not millions of people around the globe this is ‘typical’ – I was about to write ‘normal’ – but that’s wrong – there’s nothing ‘normal’ about feeling disconnected from family, friends, work or even yourself.

So if this describes you, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard all the ‘advice’ – like exercise, starting a new hobby, meeting new people, eating properly, changing jobs etc etc etc only to feel that it’s probably easier to ‘numb down’ and veg out on TV and magazines to fill-in the vacuum of time.

hand pointing right.jpg

The only problem is that ‘numbing’ down usually takes you lower and much longer to dig yourself out of the hole – and here's where I give a little tough love and 'guidance' that was given to me: the only thing that really works is connecting with something ‘bigger’ than yourself.

Whatever that is can only come from within you, yet saying this, sometimes we all need a little guidance.

For myself, I found it in working with others and helping them create real change in their lives. I have never found such joy in any other work that I’ve done. I’m confident that this was the reason I was put on the planet. And I’m thankful to be reaching people across the world and helping bring transformative change as a ‘guide’. For this I am truly blessed and grateful.

A Powerful Duo: Passion And Purpose

The one thing I’ve learnt from this journey is that passion and purpose go together and that they are usually found in the role of ‘being a guide for others’ – whether that’s as a writer creating the stories that help people navigate their life through the stoic resolve of a hero or heroine, a teacher who influences others through their passion for learning, an artist who brings to life emotion and beauty that lifts people’s soul, a shop attendant who shares a smile that warms people’s days or as a consultant, coach or guide who works beside people to help them discover patterns in their life that are slowing them down or stopping them from achieving their dreams. Each one holds a common theme of helping people reconnect with what’s important in their lives and gathering the inner resources to continue on.

If what I’ve been saying here resonates with you, then I invite you to find out more about rekindling your passion and finding the genuine in you – all it takes is to click here and get the energy back to discover what really makes your heart sing.

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