Do You Want More Creativity, Meaning & Purpose In Your Life?  Then You're In The Right Place.

If you've been searching for a way to amplify your natural gifts, to learn more about human behavior and to live a more creative life, then join Barbara Grace (from the School of Modern Psychology) for a FREE e-course: Coaching With Creative Mindfulness.

What is Creative Mindfulness?

Imagine developing your mind so that you could see 'life patterns' easily. Now imagine that you can make sense of those patterns using a unique set of skills and tools that helped guide not only yourself, but those you shared these gifts with through a professional practice?

The tools you'll discover build on who you are. They tap into your natural resources of creativity, insight and life experiences.

With the Creative Mindfulness process (developed by Barbara Grace from the School of Modern Psychology), you can build a stronger resilience around life's challenges and improve your focus on getting results and the change you desire.

Whether you want to work with others as a practitioner-coach to help build stronger relationships, improve well being, manage pain or gain confidence - the skills you'll gain with Creative Mindfulness will help you establish or enhance your practice using professionally developed therapeutic tools.

People from all walks of life study Creative Mindfulness.

Teachers, CEO's, Psychologists, Counselors, Artists, Nurses, Graphic Designers, Social Workers, Lecturers, and people returning to the work force after having a break to raise children are some of the people who have studied Creative Mindfulness.

Take the pre-training for Creative Mindfulness Coach Certification and find out for yourself why this program is so popular, and what it could do for you and your future.