Creative Mindfulness: What Print Are You Creating In Your Life?

How often do you play? As an adult probably not enough. Yet each of us need time for rest, play and work to grow personally and flourish.

Leaving Your Print

Imagine if you could gift yourself 10 minutes for serious play - the sort where you let any cares drift away - if you can imagine this, then let's do as Marcel Proust says: 

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

Play is often the birthplace of creativity because there is no agenda, no 'measurable outcome' and no pressure to perform to someone else's standard. Play gives each one of us the chance to relax our mind and allow an intuitive knowing to emerge - one that captures imagination and gives time for new ideas to flourish.

With this in mind,  let's take a creative and light-hearted look at the 'prints' we leave. Have fun with this activity - it's meant to be fresh, open and inviting.

Once you've watched the video and had some playful fun spend a few minutes in your journal reflecting:

What makes you completely you? 

  • Are you an explorer? Of new ideas, always curious to try something new, and discovering new places to go or things to do?
  • Are you a reporter? Someone who reflects and watches the day roll out wondering who's behind the actions being taken?
  • Are you a dreamer? Wondering how to bring more joy into everyday life?
  • Are you a healer? Someone who is there for others, listening, offering insights, sharing another's moment?
  • Are you a creator? One who builds things for others to use, creates for pleasure or simply sees the beauty all round?

How do you want to be seen?

  • What colour and vibrancy or freshness are you bringing to yourself and to those around you?
  • How could you bring more of this into your life?

Take some playful time and create your own uniquely printed garden. For it is in the simple moment, the carefree spirit that your own sense of genuine hope and desire can emerge and grow in a way that uniquely reflects you.

While you're doing this activity, remind yourself of the joyful things - the small things that make you smile.

"What print are you creating in your life?" and "How can you be more flexible and open?"

PS: Please Remember:

Good things can happen with a sprinkling of dare-devil, a tweak of imagination and a pinch of action - trying new things is good for the brain too!

Please share in the comments below - what 'print' do you want to leave ... and more importantly did you have some creative fun?