If you've been experiencing anxiety and stress that has led to deeper problems with your relationships at home or at work and you're looking for new ways to move forward, then using the MI=ND approach may help you create the difference you're looking for.

Barbara Grace

Barbara Grace

Journeys are rarely taken along a linear path. Sometimes detours and byways are what bring wisdom of mind and abundance of courage to re-set your direction.
— Barbara Grace

Very often we respond to problems in predictable ways, and they usually are with the 'fight, flight, flop' response, which means running away from the issue, pretending it isn't really there or becoming overwhelmed by it. When problems arise, they're usually part of a larger pattern that when reflected on may be repeating themselves in other areas of your life.

If in reflection you've been running these same 'patterns' for a while - and these patterns may involve overeating, using substances to alleviate problems, isolating yourself or having trouble regulating your emotions - then what I suggest is 'interrupting' these triggered patterns so you can begin developing a new pathway - one that's rich with tools for thinking, feeling and acting differently. 

When our heart and mind are misaligned, it’s difficult to take a breath that sustains both ... often one feels ‘choked’ of the life-giving air it deserves.

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If you're wanting to have a breakthrough so that you're living life in a more healthy and vital way, then let's talk. My approach taps into your innate creativity and helps you strengthen your internal resources so you can build resilience and use tools and strategies that will help bring order to life challenges that can sometimes feel very chaotic to manage.