The Creatively Mindful Entrepreneur

Who Am I?

Ah, the age-old question ...

I'm a writer, researcher and creative dreamer who found her confidence and a life of meaning through making a whole lot of mistakes. 

Mistakes can feel crippling at the time. And I don't know many who wouldn't make different choices if they had their time over.


Yet I felt those choices led me to being the person I am today. And I've found that this person is a much stronger one than if I'd lived a 'perfect' life. I'm imperfect and I embrace those imperfections because they led me to living more courageously.

What is Creative Mindfulness?

While mindfulness is a powerful tool, I've found so many people struggle with it because their mind is either worrying about the past, concerned about the present or hoping for a better future.

Without knowing it, we judge. 

Past events. People. Partners. Parents. And worst - ourselves. This judgement takes so much of our creative energy. It diminishes us. It holds us hostage to thoughts that feel real.

It took me a long time to realise that just because I thought something - didn't make it true. The thought was dredged up from old attitudes that weren't serving me. Shifting those made a huge difference in my life.

Being 'present' means knowing when your mind is wandering to unhelpful places. It's the core of having a mindful approach to living.

When we can remain present by using creative tools to engage our body and our mind we can stay focused on what's real and make mindful changes to our lives.

As we do this, our mind, our body and our spirit align to create a more confident self who is living a more purposeful life.

I invite you to join me on a free pre-training course. It will show you how Creative Mindfulness works and how you could use it to experience greater meaning, purpose and freedom in your life.



Reveal A Brand New You ...

"I am have found this course a wealth of knowledge packed with wonderful insights that have opened up my thinking into new avenues about myself. Baby steps lead to big changes - so one of my clients said, so true when it comes to this course. Slowly but surely you peel away layers of your psyche to reveal a brand new you. This is why I am happy to recommend this course." Hardeesh B. Netherlands

It Is Giving Me New Skills To Teach Others

“Thank you Barbara for the introduction with the free mini course. It sparked a interest in mindfulness and creativity that I have, and has lead me to take the Practitioner, Coach and Trainer course. I am enjoying all aspects of the course, it has opened me up to the arts and given me an new interest in that. It is giving me new skills to be able to teach others how to improve their lives but unlocking themselves through a different way, Creativity. I am gaining more insight into how we can unblock ourselves. I am starting to share this work with groups and I love being able to share with them ways they can help themselves and feel safe knowing they can write things down and they don’t have to vocalise it. They love being able to contemplate and they also love the time to draw and create. It has shown me new ways that emotions and life’s problems can be understood and overcome through creativity.” J. Tunningley (Australia)

Creative Mindfulness Has Given Me Every Tool I Need To Become Everything I Was ...

"Curiosity won and I clicked on a Facebook link, with plenty of trepidation and skepticism about where it might take me. How could I have known that it would lead me to a learning journey that answered every need and desire I had? The CM Practitioner and Coaching series is masterful in both design and presentation. It provides an extremely accessible, user-friendly and supportive environment for learning and personal growth. Being able to learn amongst peers from all walks of life added to the richness of the experience, but even more valuable was the wealth of integrity, wisdom, knowledge and creativity contributed by Barbara Grace. In this world it is difficult to find people you can trust, look up to and respect. As a mentor, Barbara, you have been exemplary. I couldn’t have hoped for better. The mark you have made on my life is indelible and the masterpiece that is CM has equipped me with every tool I need to become everything I was always meant to be. Thank you."  Heidi (New Zealand