Dreaming is the doorway to possibility. Fueled by hope. Stoked by inspiration.

It takes confidence to find your purpose. It takes courage to living a life of meaning. Yet in the end, it's about choosing 'you'. 

It takes courage to 'choose you' when others drain your hopes because their needs and expectations seem greater than yours. And with each expectation it can feel as if another piece of yourself is disappearing, doesn't it? At times things can feel a little empty - as if you're quite alone. I used to feel like this.

For me it was all about guilt. Guilt of 'being considered selfish' by others. Guilt if I put myself first. But in the end, something's got to give because guilt is no way to live.

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It's either that or you end up feeling torn in so many directions there's nothing left to give. 

Or maybe for you it's the fear that you'll follow your dreams and fail, falling flat on your face. Be worse off than before - justifying all those who said you couldn't do it. Seriously - this can feel more scary than simply forgetting about what you want and making do with watching others follow their dreams.

As you're reading this, you may be feeling a slight churn in your tummy. This could be a sign that you're in the right place because this blog is about helping you rediscover your confidence - to reigniting the real you who may have become lost along the way. I'm imagining that in the past you may have felt 'ignored' or 'unworthy' - as if your dreams, goals and life purpose aren't as important as others' - and it may be wearing you out. This used to be my story - even though I didn't want to believe it. Maybe it's yours too?

You can begin rediscovering 'you' and finding your purpose. Start by taking 3 little steps - that's all you need do to begin your journey. Do it with me? Click the pink button above, leave your details and together, let's make a difference in this world by showing up as the best version of ourselves that's possible.

i'm barbara grace (MA, CEAT). join me and discover a more confident self-assured you.

i'm barbara grace (MA, CEAT). join me and discover a more confident self-assured you.

I want you to know there is a better way - you don't have to live a 'must-do' and 'have-to' life. And here's why: through my work with leaders of companies, educators, women and men of all ages I found a common thread that was missing. And that was being able to still oneself long enough to hear our authentic voice.

It was only in diving deep into the creative process and coupling it with mindfulness that personal change came about more easily. I call this 'Creative Mindfulness'.

The process can bring about change in a natural way that works for you. And it starts with 3 easy-to-do steps.

If you're feeling tired and frustrated of not getting what you want in your life and you're ready to take these 3 steps, then let's get started.

You can do this with me. You don't need to be 'all-creative', just willing to join me in a beautifully inspiring experience that will have you feeling relaxed so you can begin filling up your passion and finally living wholeheartedly and with greater meaning.

When you join me, you'll discover three things:

  1. How to get rid of what you no longer want
  2. How to get more of what you do want
  3. How to live more wholeheartedly with self-compassion and a greater sense of self-worth

It's a simple, step-by-step process that's fun and easy. Do it with me? Register for the free e-course. Start today.

Opening your creative mind starts with saying 'yes'. When you gift yourself time to explore what's possible with tools designed to inspire and deepen insights, then the future can become an exciting journey to explore ...